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30% of any treatment’s outcome is dependent on the Patient’s self care, or ability to follow the doctor’s instructions without a miss. However, patients find it challenging to perfectly follow their treatment plans. Factors including profession, confusion, travel or isolation severely impact adherence.

Low adherence combined with lack of proper remote patient monitoring platforms are the causes for patients complications, which leads to hospital readmissions – and hence, higher healthcare costs.

Onward Health software helps PostOp patients follow their discharge instructions per Doctor’s advice.

Onward believes that we are a combination of the things we do and the way we take care of ourselves…

We empower you with an intelligent treatment adherence platform that delivers predictable health outcomes through improved compliance, remote patient monitoring, and treatment analytics.

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Onward helps patients:

  • Get easy access to discharge summary anytime, anywhere
  • Stay on track of your vital parameters
  • Get the guidance of your care team with ease
  • Take the uncertainty out of your daily physio routine

Dashboard for Doctors gives:

  • List of patients, and their real-time medical adherence
  • Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Analytics across different specialties and departments, Surgeons

Onward helps hospitals stay engaged & monitor their patients’ health even after they leave hospital premises.

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